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Get help with what you need at the time that suits you.

Looking for lesson / translation / assistance?

Get help:

  • with homework and reading for your children. Learn with them so with the time you will be able to help them by yourself.
  • with filling in documents, applications, and more
  • to prepare for an interview, meeting with school or preschool teacher,

Are you moving from the country? Submit a query and we will connect with a teacher in the country you wish to move to, so you will get assistance for your kids to prepare for another education system.

Looking for teaching / translation / assistance?

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2 . Choose a teacher / translator / advisor
3. Book time
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Are you a teacher/ translator/ counselor?

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2. Build your profile and calendar
3. Start to teach and share your knowledge
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Teachers/ translator/ counselor:

1. Earn money by sharing your knowledge with others
2. Decide when and where you are teaching
3. Save your time by managing your calendar

Lærðu með is designed to help parents participate in their children’s lives when they live abroad so they can be in a position to assist their children despite language barriers.

It helps people gain more confidence and independence in every day life and to be part of a foreign community so that it is easier to adapt to a new place.

Lærðu með gives opportunity for Icelanders to share their culture, language and hospitality.





  • This website is designed to connect people in online education.
  • By signing in, you agree to use the service in an honest and responsible manner.
  • Lærðu með is for ages 18 and older only. Children under 18 years of age need to be supervised by parents or guardians while using the service.
  • You agree to use the payment options available on the Site.
  • If you cancel your teaching / translation / advice with less than 4 hours notice, you will be charged for the time.
  • After each time, the user will be asked for a feedback/review.
  • If a user continuously cancels time, their access will be reduced or the person in question blocked.
  • Under no circumstances will customer information be provided to a third party.